Billing lets you track fees, invoice and payments made by your patients. Make sure billing is enabled to use this feature.

Enable this feature

Go to Home > Settings > Billing

Currency – this is the currency used on the invoice

Use Taxes – enable this if you use tax when invoicing. Otherwise just keep it disabled. Tax (%) is entered upon invoicing.

Use Discounts – enable this if you occasionally give discounts to some patients. When invoicing, discount can be entered as % or flat amount.

Default Payment Type – This refers to the mode of payment you accept, either Cash, Check, Credit Card. You can also add your own.

Default Invoice Item – choose an item you always use to bill your patients. An example is Consultation Fee.

The default payment type and invoice item are optional.

Billing home (dashboard)

This billing screen shows cumulative totals on invoices, payments, and payment dues. Totals can be filtered by date range.